Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Savings!!

I had heard that Kmart was doubling coupons up to $2 which is awesome!
So I organized all my coupons last night and headed out this morning.
I only bought what I know was a savings(knowing Walmart prices helps).
This is what I got. I broke it all down below.

2 boxes Ziploc Freezer bags
2 boxes Ziploc Sandwhich bags
2 reusable container Ziploc
All Bran Ceral
2 boxes Kotex pads
5 Fruit Naturals
Suave Lotion and Mouse
Ziploc Steam Fresh
Cottenelle Toilet paper
6 cans of Progresso soup
Crispix ceral
2 tubs of icing
2 things of butter
2 cans of Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wipes
5 pkg of Tuna
box of Elecrasol
40 items total before coupons- $107.13
coupons totaled $58.74
$5 off if you spend $50
grand total $48.39!!!!!

Pictures with Nana, Papa and the kids