Monday, January 26, 2009

The BIG news!

YES, you are seeing it right!
We are expecting a new little one in Aug!
Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments the
past week or so.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Burgers and Economics Fair

Making Baby Burgers

Economics Fair- Selling Their Goods!



Getting her shoes shined- service

Nails Painted


Christmas Tree..the only picture I have of the holidays!

Trip to CW for pictures

Kids at Yankee Candle visiting Santa

Honor Roll and Straight A's


Sorry (Kristen and Aunt Pam!!) for the long pause in blogging!! For those who don't know, I got sick over Christmas and didn't really start feeling well till the second week of Jan! So that's why there are no posts! And there are NO Christmas pictures! Can you believe it! I didn't pick my camera up once, that can tell you how sick I was! I'm hoping my dad took some pictures! So going to work my way up to present with the pictures I do have that have been sitting on my memory card!