Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I made the Paper!

Few weeks ago a local newspaper reporter posted on Facebook she needed
some pumpkin patch pictures for an article she was working on. I sent her 4
not sure which one she would choose. She emailed me a few days before article
was to be in the paper and said I should make sure to get a paper cause they printed
one of my pictures, HUGE! So what a surprise come Sunday when I opened
the paper to see it!!

Pumpkin Patch with Loulou

Meet Elisabeth...AKA Loulou or ooolooo as Leah calls her. I've know Liz since she was in high school and I was her small group leader from church. She aslo was teh worship leader for Sara's age group at church with she was younger. Sara couldn't say her name so that's how she became Loulou! Liz went to Va. Tech granduated and then went to graduate school in Arkansa is now an Athletic Trainer for Smithfield High School. So she is now back in the area! Which we are very happy to get to see her, since she was gone for like... a long time!

So with all that said...Liz has been coming over to hang out and we decided to take Leah to the pumpkin patch! We all had lots of fun exploring the patches!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sept. 2011

LEah helped me make some cookies!

How can you not love that face!!

Leah and I went and had lunch with Sara!

Sara and I got to go see where Jason works. This doesn't happen often. The last time was maybe 15 rys ago, I think that is what he said.

And a fun time in the puddles!

5th Grade~

Aug 2011

THe girs were invited to a birthday party and they set up a photo booth!!

An evening at the beach.

my sweet Sara... This are her 5th grade portraits for her scrapbook.

ME and my girls!

This is in pictures!

Trying to do it more.